Images need to make an impact to be successful. Through my experience with Photography, Marketing, and Advertising in various industries, I learned just how imporant knowing your audience can be.


I collaborate with my clients, to cultivate a vision true to brand. Images I shot for @loverelished were used on social media platforms. "Love them!" (LR - Social Media Mgr.)


I approach every shoot with care. While at TUSK Magazine as Photo Director,, I worked closely with the designers & writers to produce images that were true to the story. I managed staff photogs while communications with desk leads.

Fresh off the Press

I currently work as a Marketing Coordinator with Southwest Offset in Gardena. I know the printing processes, from design to prepress, to web press, to fresh off the press,  to final delivery & promotion.

Valencia Street Art

In Summer 2017,  I spent time abroad with CSUF in partnership with IEI Meida/EuroAce. I documented street artists. My subject was Barbiturikills an artist  who grew up in the barrios of Spain, looking to give back.

Photo and Design

Photography can be straight forward, yet, multi-leveled, and multi-dimensional. Through various projects, I have been able to recreate exisiting designs, using photography and design software.